Terms & Conditions

Kaseklo is a device created with tiny suction holes to stick to materials, there for, when using your case for sticking please follow instructions to the materials listed to attach, as we will not accept liability unless there is a genuine fault with the product i.e. fails to stick after following instructions correctly.

If you believe Kaseklo to be genuinely faulty please email us within 3 days of the item being delivered so we can get the product returned and carry out further testing. If found to be faulty, you will be fully reimbursed and also sent another Kaseklo 1st class recorded delivery at our expense. However if on further inspection we find the case to be working correctly, we will send back your original case if you choose so but will not be refunded

Please make sure you clean your case with a wet wipe/tissue or a lint roller so that Kaseklo works like its brand new again. Please be aware you are using Kaseklo at your own risk, do not leave Kaseklo unattended, for long periods of time, over hard surfaces or over water, If you do this it is at your own risk as we will not accept any liability for your phone being damaged.

It usually takes 1-2 working days to process orders, but due to high demand your order can take up to 10 days. You will receive an email once Kaseklo is on its way

If interested in buying bulk please contact us via info@kaseklo.co.uk

If made an error when placing an order please contact us via info@kaseklo.co.uk so we can do all our best to help you!