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- KaseKlo Does Christmas -

Seasons come & seasons go, but why not stay in trend with a KaseKlo?

Only £7.99 + free delivery

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Fashion Icons

Welcome to our Kaseklo Fashion Icons, which icon are you? Get yours now for only £9.99 this weekend!

Hard Wallet Kase

The Hard Wallet Kase is our new Kase designed for you to discreatly hide your items in the back of your phone Kase with a slide attached. You can put your items inside the Kase and then slide back over with out anyone knowing your items are in there!

WHAT IS the sling?

Soft and stretchy wallet which adheres securely to the back of a phone or phone case with strong 3M adhesive that won't leave marks if it is removed. It is ideal for holding a driver's licence, ID, hotel key, credit card, business cards, cash, house or car key and will even stretch to hold a set of ear buds.

3M Privacy Screen Protector

Easy to apply and remove, 3M™ Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone and Samsung takes advantage of 3M micro louver privacy technology so you can use your phone in public without revealing confidential information. You clearly see the information on your phone while people at your side only see a darkened screen. Stay private when needed; change phone orientation to landscape mode to share, scratch resistant easy residue-free removal simple application` 3M microlouver privacy technology makes your phone screen look dark from a side view. Keep the confidential information on your phone screen safe from prying eyes.


Works perfectly with all phone functions including GPS, Wifi, Apple Pay, 4G, NFC, Bluetooth.

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7, 7 PLUS, 6/6S, 6/6S PLUS
Apple iPhone
Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge
Samsung Galaxy

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terms and conditions

1)       Kaseklo is a Nano suction device created as a phone case, there for when using product please only stick to the list we advise you to otherwise using Nano suction to stick to other surfaces can cause phone to fall and may break

2)       When using your case for sticking please follow instructions to the materials listed to attach, as we do not hold any responsibility for breakage on phone

            a.Please make sure you clean your case with a wet wipe or wet tissue so the Nano suction works like its brand new again